Major Projects

Deliver world-class projects

Running major projects is complex, with macro-economic risks, multiple stakeholders, cost-cutting requirements and growing governance.

Effective management of 100s of SMEs, as is often the case when working on large-scale frameworks, is made even more complex when projects are run in spreadsheets and commercial agreements held in emails.

IAND provides effective project controls, real-time business intelligence and data-driven tools to help win work, reduce risk and drive growth. Making it easier to evidence value of the SMEs within your supply chain.


Features & Benefits


An integrated, collaborative platform. Our platform is designed to compliment existing systems, with additional insights and efficiencies.

Full compliance and built-in audit trail. Manage projects and deliverables in IAND and get full visibility into decisions, agreements and project progress, through our built-in audit trail and full compliance tracking.

Integrated performance reviews. Support effective collaboration on major projects through our 360° performance reviews, bringing visibility to high-performing suppliers, as well as projects that need attention. Supports ISO 44001.

Supports EDI & SME targets. Our platform provides business intelligence reports to support EDI and SME target reporting. By analysing and drawing on real-time EDI and SME data across our platform, we save customers time and reduce administration.


Supplier Relationship Management


Unlock knowledge on suppliers skills, risk and performance.

The supplier landscape is changing, demanding agile digital solutions. With growing regulation and macro-economic risks it's never been more important to nurture and maximise relationships with your suppliers.

IAND provides the effective data-driven tools, compliance and insights to help support digital supplier relationship management.


Features & Benefits


Unlock existing data. Our Marketplace, where you will find our suite of supplier management tools, allows you to import suppliers and ERP data to maximise visibility into risk and opportunities within your supply chain. We provide integrated data from Companies House on every supplier, to give you additional information on company size and risk status, including liquidation.

Identify and evaluate suppliers. Our Marketplace offers user friendly ways to browse and explore suppliers within your supply chain, including past projects and performance.

Automated compliance. Our collaborative platform provides dedicated compliance management, letting you request, approve and store documents for each supplier. Giving your team full visibility of approved records per supplier.

Low-effort, high-engagement. Our intuitive platform is designed for productive and efficient delivery. Our customers find that our automated workflows drives high engagement when collaborating with suppliers, and reduces time spent on admin.

Predict future spend. By recording both committed and actual spend, we give our customers full visibility across their project portfolio, helping track and monitor future spend, minimising surprises.


Start-up ecosystem


Nurture partnerships of future stars.

Moving beyond discovery. The explosive growth of start-up incubators has made it easier than ever for customers to find innovative potential partners. Progressing the relationship from initial conversations into robust, commercially successful partnerships remains hard, with large clients and start-ups looking for common ground whilst operating in different cultures, ways of working, processes and methodology.

The IAND platform offers shared visibility on joint services, actual revenue and performance, so you can focus your resources on the partnerships that will super-charge your business.


Features & Benefits


A user friendly, digital platform. Our platform is intuitive and mobile-friendly, making it a natural, efficient space for you to collaborate with digital start-ups.

Making compliance easy. Our automated request system makes it easy for customers to request compliance information, and straight-forward for suppliers to respond to your requests. Ensuring that your compliance standards are maintained, no matter whether your supplier is a recent start-up, or established provider.

Live collaboration, shared visibility. The IAND platform is shared between you and your suppliers. and your partners to work together and get shared visibility and transparency on contracts, commercials and deliverables. Designed to help you focus your energies on emerging partners that are bringing the most value.

Data-driven approach. Our platform makes it easy to use data to evaluate collaboration and performance on a continuous basis across your start-ups.

IAND understands start-ups. Offering common ground through a shared cloud-based platform, designed to make it easy for both parties to work together, no matter the difference in company structure and setup.


Innovation Portfolio


Capture ROI consistently and centrally.

Conversations on digital transformation, in the context of project delivery, often turn to how to best monitor the commercial elements of innovation and return on investment.

Contributing factors to complexities of commercial analysis, is fragmented storage, non-unformed distribution and inconsistency of format. Simply making it too difficult to take a commercial viewpoint on ROI.

The IAND Innovation Portfolio offers a dedicated report, integrated across all projects on IAND. Giving companies insight to estimated and actual ROI, on a project and portfolio level.


Features & Benefits


A dedicated innovation dashboard. Every customer on IAND has access to Innovation Portfolio, a dedicated ROI dashboard with the flexibility to include relevant projects, record and monitor commercial return.

Monitoring made easy. We’ve made it easy to record estimated and actual commercial return across any innovation project held on the IAND platform. View ROI on a project or full portfolio level.

Drive return, fast. Use our dedicated innovation dashboard to shape discussions on which projects to accelerate, and which to hold back. Use our 360° supplier performance scorecard as a complimentary data-point, to further accelerate return on stellar performers.


Company wide project control


One integrated view across your systems.

In today’s project environment, project teams procure directly. Decentralised procurement often comes lack of visibility on a company wide level, especially if agreements are made via email and budgets managed through spreadsheets. The impact from this lack of visibility and control, quickly adds up when companies manage a large amount of small to medium sized contracts.

IAND combines top-down and bottom-up data, to give you the insights and control to make effective data-driven decisions.

We understand that businesses use a range of tools and software to manage projects. That’s why our platform integrates with existing systems to offer real-time, company wide project control.


Features & Benefits


Portfolio level overview. We offer a range of reports and dashboards, to give customers the right view to help them succeed. View project performance on a company, project portfolio or project level.

Reducing project information lag. When running projects and deliverables on IAND, your company has full access to top-level company reports, as well as being able to dig into the details.

Removes manual processes. Our platform reduces the need for manual administration, so your team can focus on how to drive projects forward.

Integrates with existing systems. We help our customers optimise insight and project control, by integrating (rather than replacing) existing systems. We work closely with our customers to understand existing infrastructure, and how IAND can build and integrate to drive additional value and control.



"The use of the IAND platform to help manage our sub-consultants has significantly improved the efficiency of this process, allowing a single source for the management of timesheets and invoices as well as the essential 360 degree feedback on quality, EDI and performance." 

David Cleaves. Director. AECOM. HS2 Phase 2B: C232 Project Manager