Project pages on IAND allow customers to track budget, committed and spend on a project level. The workflow for managing invoices starts with suppliers.

As a client, if you would like your supplier to upload project invoices on IAND to track spend, please notify them that they can do so on their project page. You may also wish to share this page.

1. Supplier submits an invoice

As soon as a project is live, your supplier can start submitting invoices through the IAND platform. All your supplier needs to do, is visit the project, and click the ‘Submit invoice’ link in the Financials section and complete the required fields.


2. Review the invoice

We will send you (the client) an email notification to as soon as your supplier has submitted their invoice, with a link to review the invoice. You can choose to accept or reject the invoice, we will let your supplier know either way.

3. Full compliance and invoice history

The project page will track each invoice upload, file(s) and its verdict, providing full audit trail to both client and suppliers.

Well done. You can now activate invoices on IAND


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