In this short guide we will show you how to set up Timesheets, designed to control cost with added efficiency.

1. Activating Timesheets

Timesheets are activated and managed on a project level. Simply visit your project page, and explore the Financials module. In here you will find a link to configure timesheets.


2. Complete your setup

Our flexible timesheet setup allows you to choose frequency, deadline and timesheet period to suit you .The configuration settings can be unique to each project.

The setup is quick and simple, but do give the page a scan before saving and submitting your instructions.



Make sure to include any instructions that you want your supplier to be aware of.

3. Wait for your supplier to submit their timesheet.

IAND will notify your supplier as soon as you have completed your Timesheets setup, requesting them to submit their timesheet. We will notify you as soon as a timesheet has been submitted and is ready to be reviewed.

4. Review timesheet

You will receive an email from IAND as soon as your timesheet is ready to be reviewed. Each timesheet can be approved or rejected, IAND will notify your supplier either way. The verdict on each timesheet will be available on your relevant project page.

Well done. You can now set up Timesheets.


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