Projects form the core of IAND - it’s where you manage project spend, contract, innovation ROI, deliverables and more.

Note: This guide relates to the manual setup of a new project. If you wish to import projects please contact

1. Create a new project

To create a project, please visit the IAND platform homepage and click the ‘Create project’ button in the indigo blue banner. This will activate a setup wizard to guide you through the setup process.


2. Complete the Project Summary

Once on the Project Summary page, please complete the short form to give top-level details of the project, including project title and budget.



Do you want to track Innovation ROI for this project? Make sure to mark your project as an Innovation project. This can be de-selected at any point.

3. Choose your supplier

Next step is choosing a supplier. Every project on IAND requires a live supplier, so make sure that your supplier is live before proceeding. Find out how to invite a new supplier in this dedicated guide.

You can now choose from your list of live suppliers. If your supplier is not available, click 'skip this step' to exit the setup process and invite your supplier.



If you click on any of the suppliers by mistake, simply hit the ‘back’ button to return to this screen.

4. Upload supplier proposal (optional)

This step allows you to upload a proposal received by your supplier. Note: this step is optional.

Is the proposal a fixed price proposal? Information provided here will be added to your project as soon as it is live. Note: adding a fixed fee price is optional.

5. Add contract

By this point, you will be able to access an early version of your project page. Click the link to upload a final contract to continue.


6. Make project live

Upload the project contract to set the project live. Once done, you will be able to access your newly created project and we will automatically notify your supplier that they have joined a project. You can now use the project to set up Project Feedback, manage Timesheets, Invoices and more.

7. Set your project team

Invite your colleagues to become part of the project. This enables your colleagues to access project information, collaborate with suppliers and provide regular project performance.


Well done, your project is now live.


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