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Video tutorials

Watch our short videos, that illustrate benefits and how to activate many of our platform’s features.


User guides

If you prefer written tutorials, we’ve put together a set of user guides.


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Join our weekly webinar, where we’ll walk those new to IAND (and those that want a refresher) through our platform and features.


Video tutorials

Find out how to make the most out of IAND.

Setting up Project Feedback

Get to know our 360 review system, find out how to set it up and how to maximise value.
2 min video

Activating Invoices

Find out how to make the most of invoices, a crucial part of financial tracking and project management on IAND.
3 min video


Did you know that you can configure and manage Timesheets on the IAND platform? Find out how.
2 min video



User guides

Setting up Workspaces

Workspaces help you organise your projects. Find out how to get started in this user guide.

Submitting an invoice

Find out how to activate the invoice workflow on IAND, with this short user guide.

Inviting suppliers

Make sure to invite your suppliers, to start collaborating on project. It’s easy and straight-forward.

Setting up a new project

Projects are core to the IAND platform. Find out how to set up a new project in this short guide.