Introducing the IAND platform

Designed for busy project teams, our cloud platform re-engineers how you control projects and manage suppliers. 

Our collaborative platform offers full transparency of agreements between you and your suppliers. Automating tasks saves time, real-time insights reduces risks and highlights opportunities. Giving you more time to grow your business.


Platform benefits

With an intuitive interface and no training needed, our cloud platform is ready to be used by you and your project team to drive value from day one. 


Works from day one
With no installations required, our 'plug and play' platform fits with your current systems and gives you instant insights and value.


Cloud platform
Our platform is securely hosted on the cloud, meaning that you can access our platform from your web browser, wherever you are.


Intuitive design
Designed to make it easy for everyone to use. No training required, and no long instruction manuals. Intuitive and easy to use on all devices.



"The IAND platform is streamlined and easy to navigate – the deadlines and reminders make it easier for me to keep track of my tasks and the status of our invoices."

Niagara Dike, Project Assistant, WestonWilliamson+Partners


How it works

Projects form the heart of our platform, generate the data and reporting for you to use in real-time.
To optimise collaboration, and management of data, clients and suppliers both use our platform to manage projects (suppliers join for free).


Real-time business intelligence. Giving you financial, risk, performance and innovation insights.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 10.45.53.png

✓ Supplier & Project performance
✓ Impact & EDI metrics
✓ Spend & Budget

Project Portfolio
Full visibility into your project portfolio, and the tools to drive efficient delivery.


✓ Complete oversight
✓ Time savings through automation
✓ Compliance built-in

Supplier Ecosystem
Manage your supplier lists and key suppliers. See full profiles of your managed suppliers.


✓ Understand your suppliers
✓ Monitor risk and spend
✓ Manage compliance



Works with your existing business infrastructure

The IAND platform builds on your existing business management process and digital infrastructure. Automating your business management processes delivers increased efficiency and reduces admin and risk. Supporting ISO44001 on collaboration and ISO9001 for business processes.

The IAND platform is plug-and-play and works with your existing digital systems from day one. In addition we offer full integrations with your ERP, procurement and CRM tools to deliver new insights on the risk and performance of your business ecosystem.



Key platform features


Performance reviews
Our Project Feedback reviews asks your project team and supplier for regular feedback on performance.


Live supplier scorecard
Monitor and manage supplier performance through our live scorecard.

Get built-in reporting on invoices paid, and payment days.

Approve and reject every project invoice through our platform, with full compliance built-in.


Make substantial time-savings on timesheet management, through our integrated timesheet function.

Document sharing
Make the latest project documents accessible to your own internal team and supplier.

Contract management
Keep agreements clear, with the original and any changes to contract, in one central place.

Portfolio overview
Get complete overview of all projects, including spend and performance.


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