Manage major projects


The challenge

There are several complex challenges when running major projects. From achieving true and meaningful understanding of spend and commitments, to understanding the performance of your suppliers.  

Even with the best of intentions, the situation can get complicated. With contracts often held in local spreadsheets and email, the information you need to steer and deliver is practically unavailable. Add to that increased legislative reporting requirement and the administrative burden that that causes and it’s no wonder that things fall between the cracks.

How we help

Our platform is designed to save time, increase transparency and help you work better with your suppliers.

  • One platform with full overview and audit trail gives you insight and transparency

  • We automate administrative tasks to significantly free up your staff’s time. Our clients have demonstrated a 5:2 cost savings ratio through the efficiency savings by using our platform.

  • Reporting is done automatically, through data inserted into platform. Our platform ensures that your projects will stand up to scrutiny, whether that’s through internal processes or government review.

Fragmented systems cause lack of transparency

Achieving full transparency of a project portfolio is near impossible when financial and contractual decisions and updates are held across a multiple of tools and systems. With 60% of companies managing contracts using email alone*, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to achieve a full audit trail, get a full project overview and access key information at any time. Add to that the risk of loss of data as staff move or leave positions.
*2017 State of Contract Management Report, Spring CM

Administrative tasks are time consuming

Major projects take time, and to get the best outcome, time needs to be spent well. Unfortunately, managers often spend more than 15 hours a week on routine administrative tasks*, impacting productivity with limited returns. 
* ServiceNow report – Today’s State of Work:
The Productivity Drain

Reporting is too complex and takes too much time

Growing reporting requirements add time burden as information is hard to collate. Major projects today require a multitude of reports such as supplier performance, payment days, gender pay gap, GDPR compliance and more. Each new report will add to the time and cost burden of collating, analysing and exporting. There is also further requirements for legislative reporting requirements, such as evidenced spend on SMEs.